“The Indian Defence Manufacturing Industry will start buzzing shortly with lot of activity either through the Offsets programmes or through the Government’s push for Make In India,” says M. LokeswaraRao, Managing Director of Lokesh Machines Limited.

Rao, when asked about the machines, tools, products and technologies his company contributes to the Indian Defence and Aerospace manufacturing industry, said: “Regarding product line-up, we are having the complete range of Metal Cutting Machines i.e.;Vertical and Horizontal Machining centres, Drill Tap centres, Turning centres, Vertical Turning Machines and Multi Axis Machining centres. These machines are ideal for machining of Round or Prismatic parts to the best of the accuracies and efficiencies.”

Quality, Reliability

Rao explains the superiority of the products produced by his firm regarding quality, reliability, energy efficiency as well as manufacturing cost.  “We take immense pride in our Quality and Reliability. It’s exactly this virtue that brings back more than 80% of repeat business. Almost through the entire product lifecycle, our machines maintain the accuracies and consistency. Our specialised application teams work closely with the customer in recommending solutions which would eliminate import of high-end machines and thus help customer profitability.”

Describing how quality optimisation in manufacturing, he says: “We have tried and tested tools for Quality Management. Further, we also ensure there is no compromise on the input materials that go into the building of our machines. Of course, Quality starts from the Design itself.”

Interest Rates a Concern

On the major hurdles faced by the manufacturing industry in achieving maximum growth, Rao says: “To start with, there’s the issue of unequal interest rates i.e. the interest rates of global manufacturers in their respective countries vs. the interest rates in India. Secondly, the overseas people have the luxury of getting an LC at the time of placement of order while the Indian players  have to settle with practically 90% of the payment after the equipment delivery. Then of course there are challenges of logistics etc.The hurdles are multifold and hopefully all these would be ironed out in the coming years to help us be competitive.”


On the suggestions he can offer to the Government regarding the measures it can take to promote the Indian manufacturing sector, Rao lists the following:


Provide a favourable interest regime;


Create a level playing field;


Encourage innovation; &


Give tax breaks to companies investing in skill development and manufacturing excellence, which Rao says is a considerable cost outgo for all companies.









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