EMO Hannover 2013 to showcaselatest image processing systems

Faster, more reliable, more accurate, more flexible – the requirements for the production metrology of the future sound well-nigh Olympian in their stringency. The EMO Hannover 2013 will be addressing all the trends of relevance for production operations, responsively showcased for the target groups involved under the motto of “Intelligence in Production”. One of the major focuses here will be how to handle information from measuring instruments in the web based environment of Industry 4.0.


The EMO Hannover 2013 will show the direction in which production metrology is moving for the future, more or less with a “measured tread”. A working group of the VDI/VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic &Information Technologies (GMA) has already ventured a look into the future with its “Roadmap 2020 for Production Metrology”. It identifies four major focuses for future production operations. Besides resource-efficient and transparent production processes, these are quality and productivity, and flexible production (this includes workpiece detection, intelligent robot, gripper and safety engineering with image processing and image-based control).


Production metrology is a key technology for quality assurance of products and processes. It helps to secure the leading global status of German technologies. Its perceived importance and development status are outlined by Dr.-Ing. Dietrich Imkamp, who chairs the VDI/VDE’s Roadmap Working Group and in his day job is Head of Visual Systems & Partner at Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH, Oberkochen, Germany, in these words: “The metrological acquisition of quality features in industrially manufactured products has been largely solved. Fundamentally, everything can be measured. The challenge for production metrology nowadays is to implement the technology concerned in industrial manufacturing operations, so that acquisition of product quality data can be cost-efficiently achieved.”


The higher information density provided by metrological instruments enables imminent losses due to defective products to be detected at an early stage, he adds. It thus makes a vital contribution towards resource-economical design and to the transparency and cost-efficiency of production operations.

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