Elesa+Ganter’s wide range of standard machine elements has enlarged its handwheel product range with GN 923 and GN 924, thus meeting the ultimate in design and appearance. The entire range is made of plastic-coated aluminium and is available either as spoked handwheels or as disk handwheels. A removable plastic lid covers the fixing elements such as washers or recessed or protruding shafts.

The GN 923 and GN 924 models are available with or without revolving handle. The GN 923.3, GN 923.7, GN 924.3 and GN 924.7 models are used when the revolving handle is not to jut out temporarily. In the working position, the folding handles of the GN 923.3 and GN 924.4 handwheels are locked in a conical bore. To fold back, the handle must first be pulled out of the cone in axial direction. A pressure spring holds the folding handle in both positions. It automatically engages again when folded out.


The GN 923.7 and GN 924.7 handwheels are used for operations where the folding handle must not be allowed to lock in the working position. To move the folding handle to this position, it must first be swivelled by 90° against a torsion-loaded spring and then pushed in axial direction into the arresting assembly against spring tension. Fixed in this position and maintaining the axial force, the folding handle can then be used for cranking. Once released, the pressure spring moves the folding handle out of the arresting assembly and the torsion springs swivels it back again.

 About the Company, Products

 Elesa+Ganter is a commercial joint venture between the two world leaders of standard machine elements: Elesa S.p.A (Italy) and Otto Ganter GmbH & Co. KG (Germany). The joint venture made its first steps into the East-European market and today it covers more than 35 industrialized countries. In India, the firm is based in Noida.

 Elesa+Ganter offers wide range of standard machine elements worldwide and the product range comprises:


Operating elements, clamping knobs, clamping levers,


U-handles; Fixed, revolving, fold-away handles,


Control elements, rotary controls, indexing elements,


Machine elements, joints, levelling elements, hinges,


Latches, hook, toggle and power clamps,


Accessories for hydraulic systems, tube clamp connectors,


Castors and wheels, retaining magnets


The firm lists its points of strengths as the following:


Technological background of the two established mother companies


Innovation in combination with decades of experience


Unique design


Optimized and widest product range of standard machine elements, driven by the market


Worldwide distribution network


Full stock availability with fastest delivery time


Customized solutions


Perfect service including technical assistance

 Elesa+Ganter’s wide range of standard machine elements are meant to be used in almost all the industries e.g. Dairy industry machines; Packaging, bottling and labelling machines; Construction and material handling machines; Hydraulic equipment; Metalworking machines; Medical and laboratory equipment; Paper processing and printing machines; Machines for building materials; Plastic/rubber moulding machines; Agriculture and gardening; Woodworking machines; Textile machines, etc. and many more.

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