Over the past three years the team behind Avinode, the world’s largest marketplace for air charter, has been working behind the scenes to develop the next revolution in air charter, SchedAero.  The system, which has already launched in the U.S. market, has quickly grown in popularity, due to its ability to improve operational efficiency and increase charter sales.


As an online flight operations system, SchedAero is a new concept in the market. It allows the operators to manage their entire process online, from a broker’s trip request to the pilots filling in their flightlogs. SchedAero is also fully integrated with both the Avinode Marketplace and Wyvern making it easy for smaller operators to keep their workflow streamlined and ensure that they are always compliant.


The tool is built for smaller operators and has no upfront cost for installation, which makes it easy to get started. The system has also been updated to look and feel like Avinode and those with both Avinode and SchedAero memberships can easily switch between applications without having to login again.


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