As Canada’s uncontested leading province with regards to the aerospace industry turns an eye abroad for novel partnership opportunities and new investment avenues, Quebec’s attention remains caught by the blossoming Indian expertise in the matter. These three cities form today the three foremost aerospace centres in the world. Unsurprisingly, it is thus with growing interest that following a handful of already successful partnerships with Indian associates, Quebec now seeks tofurther develop collaboration efforts with the rapidly maturing industry in India in matters related to research and development.


A multisectoral delegation representing Quebec’s finest innovators – including several key actors from the aerospace industry  has recently visited India, exemplifying the shared enthusiasm in exploring new cooperation prospects.


Without a doubt, Quebec is truly the principal engine of Canadian aerospace industry, included among the large variety of enterprises present on its territory are world-class prime contractors, major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and a large range of special product manufacturers and subcontractors. 


          With the Greater Montréal region as its beating heart and effectively encompassing the vast majority of the industry’s actors, Quebec aerospace sales reached CAD 10.9 billion in 2010, accounting for 55% of Canada’s total aerospace industry production.


         As previously mentioned an extensive, close-knit network of international-calibre prime contractors, suppliers and subcontractors fosters an innovation-friendly environment, promotes value chain development and allows for interesting technology and know-how spillovers benefiting the aerospace community. Quebec also boasts the largest pool of engineers in Canada as well as abundant and competitively priced specialized labour and training facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology. 

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